Botox could ease arthritis and cancer without side effects: Single injection could offer pain relief for months

Botox, best known for smoothing out wrinkles, could also help soothe the pain of cancer, arthritis and migraines – without any side effects.
Sufferers of chronic back pain and women who have given birth by Caesarean section could also benefit from the ‘super-Botox’ jab.
A single injection could provide pain relief for months – removing the need for patients to take several daily doses of powerful tablets – and it could be injected into any part of the body.
Charities said the drug, invented by a researcher at Sheffield University, could revolutionise the treatment of pain.
The main ingredient of the Botox used to prevent wrinkles is a bacterial poison known as botulinum.
It works by preventing nerve cells from talking to muscles, which in turn stops muscles moving and wrinkles developing.
It can also stop pain signals from being transmitted for months at a time. The tetanus toxin ferries the pain-reliever to the spinal cord, where it stops pain signals being sent to the brain.
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