The holiday season with all its parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s resolutions can be stressful for men and women of all ages because this is typically a special time when they want to look and feel their best despite all the stress frequently associated with holiday events.
Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. and his staff at The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Medspa can help each individual man or woman look and feel their best for all holiday events coming up.  Dr. Bishara takes the time to cultivate individual relationships with his patients in order to assure that they receive their desired look.  He uses the term “patient” because he says, “I feel the term patient is a more personal and appropriate term because I am working with people in personal ways.”
In his new state-of-the art facility completed in 2014, he offers the full gamut of cosmetic procedures such as robotic hair restoration, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and a variety of laser procedures. The calming music and soothing décor of his new facility create an atmosphere to ease the nerves of any anxious patient.  “Sometimes patients come in extremely nervous, and my goal is to provide a calming, relaxing environment to reduce their anticipated anxiety,” he said.  Additionally, Dr. Bishara takes the time to listen, discuss and explain all treatment options before outlining an appropriate treatment plan.
In his Paragon office in Mansfield, Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. offers “Wrinkle-Free Wednesday.”  Patients can come in for Botox and Xeomin treatments at discounted rates.  It’s easy to see why this is the most popular and busiest day of the week for Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. and his staff.  He treats hundreds of patients seeking these non-invasive, preventive procedures from 8am until 8pm.  “We go through enough Botox to remove every single wrinkle from an elephant’s skin,” he grinned, “but my goal is for them to still look like themselves,” he explained.
Also, as an AAAHC certified facility and dual trained surgeon, he can provide acute care as well as cosmetic surgical services.  His goal is to make sure that every patient’s needs are satisfactorily and effectively met.  In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. plans to open a combined clinic that will offer reduced rates for general surgical procedures including lumpectomy, advanced laparoscopic hernia and gallbladder procedures, and varicose vein ablation.
“The current medical system in this country is not sustainable.  Hospitals and surgery centers charging $11,000 for a 15-minute procedure is simply not feasible when it could be offered at a more reasonable price,” he said.  These large centers are sometimes bound to hold pricing high due their contracted rates with insurance companies.  As a responsible physician, he wants to provide clinical services that promote and foster a medical system that is sustainable and affordable.  That is why he has announced the addition of four advanced laparoscopic surgeons to the staff at the Paragon Surgery Center in Mansfield.  Surgical procedures are now being offered to all patients state-wide for a cash price that is often less than some deductible plans.  Although this system is intended to be cash based, some patients will still be able to submit the charges for reimbursement through their out of network benefits.
As his services continue to grow and expand, Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. has two other locations for the convenience of his patients; Southlake and North Park.
As the holiday season and the new year approach, let Dr. Bishara and his staff help you look and feel your best.  Call one of his three convenient locations at 817-473-2120 or email to make an appointment and ensure that you enjoy the holidays knowing that you truly look your best!

Small and fine, a line tends to occur from repeated muscle movement that etches a slight mark into the skin.  Those who smile, frown or squint a lot develop fine lines earlier than those who don’t make these facial expressions as often.  When skin is young it snaps back into place, but as we get older it loses elasticity, so that ability to spring back becomes harder and less frequent, causing more premature lines.
Thicker and more dramatic in nature, wrinkles are noticeable folds, ridges and creases in skin.  Wrinkles can be caused by age, collagen and elastin breakdown, too much sun exposure, medications and dry, dehydrated skin.  Wrinkles are different from lines in that they are more diffuse throughout the face.
When a Line turns into a Wrinke
A line can turn into a wrinkle, especially when left untreated.  A fine line occasionally deepens over time, turning into a wrinkle due to further breakdown of collagen.  Just like how a line can develop into a wrinkle, a wrinkle can reverse into a line when it’s reduced with the right treatment, making it less apparent.
Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

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Pequeño y fino, una línea tiende a ocurrir de movimiento muscular repetido que graba una ligera marca en la piel. Los que sonreír, fruncir el ceño o entrecerrar los ojos mucho desarrollar las líneas de expresión antes que aquellos que no hacen estas expresiones faciales tan a menudo. Cuando la piel es joven que encaje en su lugar, pero a medida que envejecemos, pierde elasticidad, por lo que la capacidad para saltar de nuevo se vuelve más difícil y menos frecuentes, causando líneas más prematuros.
Una arruga
Arrugas gruesas y más dramáticos en la naturaleza, son pliegues notables, crestas y pliegues en la piel. Las arrugas pueden ser causadas por la edad, el colágeno y la elastina desglose, demasiada exposición al sol, los medicamentos y la piel seca y deshidratada. Las arrugas son diferentes de las líneas en que son más difusa a lo largo de la cara.
Cuando una línea se convierte en un Wrinke
Una línea puede convertirse en una arruga, sobre todo cuando no se trata. Una línea fina de vez en cuando se profundiza con el tiempo, convirtiéndose en una arruga debido a una mayor descomposición del colágeno. Al igual que cómo una línea puede convertirse en una arruga, una arruga puede invertir en una línea cuando se reduce con el tratamiento adecuado, por lo que es menos evidente.
Formas de reducir las arrugas
Evite el solUse protector solar
No fumeObtener un buen sueño
Duerma boca arriba
No Estrabismo
Coma más pescado y soja
Coma más frutas y verduras
Usar crema hidratante
No más de lavarse la caraLos ácidos alfa hidroxi (AHA)Los retinoides (incluyendo Retin A)La vitamina C tópicaFactores de crecimientoBotoxRellenosLáser / rejuvenecimiento con luz
Peeling Químico
La microdermabrasión

Q. Why is retinol used in cellulite minimizing creams?

A. Many of the new cellulite minimizing creams contain retinol as the ingredient that is called out on the front packaging. Remember that when an ingredient is called out on the packaging, this is not a claim and implies no efficacy. It is only restating what is already disclosed on the ingredient listing. Review of several retinol-containing cellulite creams reveals that the ingredient is toward the end of the list indicating a lower concentration. Most retinol cellulite products also contain caffeine, which is a beta-adrenergic stimulator. Remember that beta-adrenergic stimulation is thought to increase lipolysis.
Several articles appear in the dermatologic literature advocating the use of tretinoin to treat cellulite. It may be that this literature is being used to support the use of retinol, a distant retinoid relative of tretinoin. Remember that the retinol and caffeine in these products is placed in a carefully formulated moisturizing vehicle. It may be that much of the consumer-perceived improved tactile properties is vehicle derived. Clinical testing is required to provide more insight.

This Information is brought to you courtesy of Dr. Bishara and The Paragon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

For those who missed a recent episode on the Dr. Oz show here is some helpful information on battling cellulite.  And yes, even skinny women have cellulite.

  • Collagen fibers are key to cellulite
  • Strengthen collagen fibers to help get rid of cellulite
  • Working out alone doesn’t get rid of cellulite
  • Staying hydrated is important
  • Eating specific fruits and vegetables is key
  • Topical Caffeine creams can help
  • Topical retinol creams (with .4% retinol) help- applying 1-3 time a day
  • Dry Brush in the shower

Skin Tightening Treatments along with skin and body tightening concentrates can help also combat loose and cellulite prone skin.
Watch the videos to find out more about cellulite myths and what we can do to combat it.

This Information is Brought to you Courtesy of Dr. Bishara and The Paragon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

Your skin goes through a lot during the day. We unknowingly touch it with our fingers constantly and leave behind dirt, oil and bacteria. On top of that, it’s exposed to the sun, pollution and other factors that can cause damage. All of these combined are a perfect recipe for breakouts and signs of aging like wrinkles. That’s why the break your skin gets while you sleep is so important.
Follow these tips to make sure you wake up with gorgeous skin every day.
1. Get enough sleep
This one seems like a no-brainer, but there are still so many that don’t get enough shut-eye. Sleep is especially important because it gives your skin time to recharge. If you don’t get enough sleep, there are both short and long-term consequences. Short term effects are seen immediately [with] under eye bags, dark circles and sensitive skin. These usually go away when the appropriate number of hours of sleep hass been met. If someone is constantly not getting enough sleep, it can lead to inflammation and acceleration in aging, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and even acne.
2. Avoid salty food three to four hours before bedtime
Foods that have high sodium content lead to dehydration, which is what you want to avoid for your skin while asleep. Salty foods can cause puffy eyes because of the extra fluid retained.
3. Sleep on your back
Sleeping with your face directly touching your pillow often leads to lines and creases in the skin, which can become permanent.  Sleeping on your back is best because it prevents neck and back pain, reduces acid reflux, minimizes wrinkles, and maintains perky breasts.
4. Give your skin a final wipe after you cleanse
Cleansing is an absolute must, but to avoid having a little bit of makeup left over, do the following: After you rinse off your cleanser, do a final swipe over the skin with a wipe or soft, damp washcloth. “The physical sweep over the skin makes sure that makeup is off. This will give your skin a clean slate to absorb the reparative ingredients that you’re going to use.
5. Use a good moisturizer for your skin type
Many forgo moisturizer at night because they want to let their skin “breathe,” but that’s actually a misconception. The concept of your skin breathing is actually incorrect, there are no respiratory systems in your skin. Your skin is like a fish and needs water to live. Without enough moisture, the skin cells dehydrate and skin produces extra oil to compensate causing wrinkles and acne.
When looking for a moisturizer, choose one that doesn’t contain sunscreen. The main goal of sunscreen is to protect skin from UV light, but non-sunscreen moisturizers will typically have a higher concentration of skin-benefitting ingredients, which is best for nighttime.
6. Use an eye cream
If there’s any time of day when you absolutely should wear an eye cream, it’s at night. They work better at night because you’re not wearing makeup. That said, be careful not to put them too close to your lash line because your lashes can pick it up and deposit it into the eye, which causes puffiness.
This Information is brought to you courtesy of Dr. Bishara and The Paragon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa
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Su piel pasa por muchos durante el día. Nosotros, sin saberlo, tocamos con los dedos constantemente y dejamos atrás la suciedad, el aceite y las bacterias. Además de eso, está expuesta al sol, la contaminación y otros factores que pueden causar daños. Todos estos combinados son una receta perfecta para sesiones individuales y los signos de envejecimiento como las arrugas. Es por eso que es tan importante el descanso su piel se pone mientras duerme.
Siga estos consejos para asegurarse de que usted se despierta con una piel hermosa todos los días.
1. Duerma lo suficiente
Éste parece una obviedad, pero todavía hay muchos que no reciben suficiente cerrar los ojos. El sueño es especialmente importante, ya que da tiempo a su piel para recargar. Si no duerme lo suficiente, hay consecuencias tanto a corto como a largo plazo. Los efectos a corto plazo se observan de inmediato [con] bolsas bajo los ojos, las ojeras y la piel sensible. Estos por lo general desaparecen cuando se reunió con el número adecuado de horas de sueño hass. Si alguien está en constante no dormir lo suficiente, puede conducir a la inflamación y la aceleración en el envejecimiento, lo que resulta en la aparición de arrugas e incluso acné.
2. Evite los alimentos salados tres a cuatro horas antes de acostarse
Los alimentos que tienen alto contenido de sodio conducen a la deshidratación, que es lo que quiere evitar para su piel mientras está dormido. Los alimentos salados pueden causar ojos hinchados debido al exceso de líquido retenido.
3. Dormir boca arriba
Dormir con la cara tocando directamente su almohada a menudo conduce a las líneas y arrugas en la piel, que pueden llegar a ser permanente. Dormir boca arriba es mejor, ya que evita el cuello y dolor de espalda, reduce el reflujo ácido, minimiza las arrugas y mantiene pechos turgentes.
4. Dale a tu piel una limpieza final después de limpiar
La limpieza es una necesidad absoluta, pero para evitar tener un poco de maquillaje sobra, haga lo siguiente: Después de enjuagar el limpiador, hacer un golpe final sobre la piel con un trapo o una toalla suave y húmedo. “El barrido físico sobre la piel se asegura de que el maquillaje está apagado. Esto le dará a su piel un borrón y cuenta nueva para absorber los ingredientes reparadores que vas a utilizar.
5. Utilice una buena crema hidratante para tu tipo de piel
Muchos renuncian crema hidratante por la noche porque quieren dejar que su piel “respire”, pero que en realidad es un concepto erróneo. El concepto de la respiración de la piel es realmente incorrecto, no hay sistemas respiratorios en su piel. Su piel es como un pez y necesita agua para vivir. Sin suficiente humedad, las células de la piel se deshidrata y la piel produce aceite extra para compensar que causan las arrugas y el acné.
Al buscar una crema hidratante, elija uno que no contenga protector solar. El objetivo principal del protector solar es proteger la piel de los rayos ultravioleta, pero las cremas hidratantes no protección solar suele tener una mayor concentración de los ingredientes que se beneficie de la piel, lo que es mejor para la noche.
6. Use una crema para los ojos
Si hay cualquier hora del día en que usted absolutamente debe usar una crema de ojos, es por la noche. Ellos trabajan mejor por la noche porque no llevas maquillaje. Dicho esto, tenga cuidado de no poner demasiado cerca de su línea de las pestañas porque las pestañas pueden recogerlo y depositarlo en el ojo, lo que provoca la hinchazón.
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