Botox gives chronic migraine relief

Lady receiving Botox injectable treatment to the forehead 
Statistics show that 70,000 people in Scotland regularly suffer chronic migraines. For Gillian Patterson, Botox has provided her with much-needed relief.
Since being a university student, Gillian has suffered from excruciating migraines which meant she was forced to lay in bed for two or three days with the curtains closed, the lights off, paralysed by pain. The migraines also meant she was unable to hold a conversation or even think.
Speaking about those experiences, Gillian says: “Lots of things go through your head at times like that, such as ‘I’ve had enough. I can’t take any more.’ But most of the time it was like a mental paralysis.”
Gillian, now 40 from Jordanhill in Glasgow was first diagnosed when she was 20, forcing her to give up her hopes of graduating in French and business computing.
Her first migraine struck after a kidney transplant operation. The World Health Organisation lists migraines as one of the world’s 20 most disabling conditions.
Gillian has now been given fresh hope from Botox. Usually associated with anti ageing- the treatment is now being offered as a cure to migraines. Tests showed that patients who suffered from 19.1 days of migraines a month, suffered 8.2 less following Botox treatment.
Gillians first treatment included 33 injections to the head, neck and shoulders, paralysing the muscles so pain signals can’t pass to the brain.
Since then, the amount of drugs she needs to control the migraines has been halved and has now undergone her second treatment. Gillian is safe to have three treatments per year.
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