Some aesthetic surgery procedures carry hefty recovery times. While some people may be able to schedule a vacation to accommodate the time they’ll need recovering from a facelift, others simply can’t fit several weeks of recovery into their schedule. For these folks, “lunch hour “plastic surgery” can be a godsend.
What is lunch hour plastic surgery?
Lunch hour plastic surgery is a less invasive, non-surgical procedure that can help reduce or prevent wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Most often, individuals visit a plastic surgeons or dermatologist’s office for an injection of Botox or soft tissue fillers.  Botox works by paralyzing certain muscles in the face that cause wrinkling, while soft tissue fillers can fill in wrinkles or add volume to facial features. What makes these procedures special is that they can be performed in just about an hour – on a lunch break, for example.
Is it worth it?
Some people may be discouraged by the idea of Botox and other non-surgical procedures, likely because of rumors that claim injections don’t offer real, long-lasting results. However, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) states that results from Botox can last for several months, and the procedure is not only a way to reduce wrinkles that have already formed but also prevent new ones from appearing on the face. For these reasons, Botox was once again the most popular non-surgical procedure in 2012, with ASAPS doctors performing more than 4 million injections. Those who are looking for true lifetime results may be more enticed by a full facelift. All of these services and may more are offered at Dr. Mark Bishara’s office.  Please call us for questions and more information at (817) 473-2120.