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The Groove Optic hand-piece from Palomar Medical Technologies Inc’s represents a significant improvement in fractional ablative skin resurfacing for users of the firm’s Lux2940 laser systems, according to the company.
The new hand-piece, announced this week, creates a unique, grooved injury pattern on skin that increases ablative tissue coverage while preserving the benefits of fractional approaches, the company stated in a press release. CO2 is no longer the preferred option for physicians seeking single-treatment deep facial skin resurfacing for their patients.
The Groove Optic for the Lux2940 hand piece represents a fractional-ablative approach to deep skin resurfacing that’s high coverage, yet preserves healthy skin, allowing rapid patient recovery and reduced risk discomfort, infection and scarring. Study shows that patients treated with the Groove Optic for facial skin resurfacing reported minimal downtime (an average of 4 days), along with rapid resolution of side effects. Patient feedback from the study indicated that skin felt tighter, looked smoother, wrinkles were reduced and skin had a more natural color and even skin tone.

Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director 
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