Laser360iQ Is Not Your Typical Skin Laser

Laser360 is a revolutionary skin treatment which is a perfect match for anyone who refuses the idea those fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration, or other imperfections of the face, neck and chest are just a part of getting old. Laser360 can give you glowing youthful skin again. Many lasers designed for skin treatments concentrate on only one aspect of aging skin.
Laser360 is also a great tool for people who do not want to go “under the knife.” In just 60 days the technologies of Laser360 can take your whole countenance from tired and sagging to young and fresh. At the office of Dr. Mark Bishara and The Paragon Med Spa, we offer Laser 360 to our patients.
Laser 360 deals with the issues of aging that our patients are left with such as:

  • Skin discoloration – sun exposure can leave reddish or brown spots on the face, hands, arms, legs and even on our chest and back.
  • Rough texture – The older we get, we tend to lose a lot of our skin’s youthful smooth texture. Our skin can be appear dried out or hardened in places that can’t be covered up.
  • Increased laxity – Once collagen production slows down, our skin loses volume and starts to sag. People can develop bags under their eyes and even a slight set of jowls, which can make a person appear worn out.
  • Fine Lines or Wrinkles – Fine lines and wrinkles that accompany aging can become quite alarming. Some might notice that their wrinkles seem to deepen and lengthen almost overnight.

The signs of aging are complex and not every skin laser is right for all conditions. The best laser skin treatment is one that takes into account all of the conditions listed above. Furthermore, each laser skin treatment should be tailored according to the patient’s goals and performed by professionals trained on the device. The answer is Laser360iQ and its 4 breakthrough technologies:

  1. NIR – Deep dermal heating helps regain a healthy, youthful appearance
  2. AFT – Pulses of light even out skin color and reduce the appearance of damaged or broken blood vessels. It also helps to erase other color irregularities in your skin.
  3. Pixel Er:YAG – Precision laser technology creates thousands of microscopic perforations and stimulates new collagen to improve your skin’s texture and tone and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
Please visit Dr. Mark Bishara and The Paragon Med Spa and take action today. Stay tuned for our next blog on Laser 360 treatment FAQ’s.   Please contact our office at (817) 473-2120