Breast augmentation surgery may be a surefire way to get the breasts you ultimately desire, but when it comes to making decisions, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration. A properly trained plastic surgeon should be able to guide you through your decision-making process. One of those decisions will be if your implants should go over or under the muscle. So, what’ the difference?
Subglandular: Over the Muscle
The upside: Since the implant is placed over the pectoral muscle and below the breast tissue, recovery time is usually shorter because there is fewer traumas to the underlying tissues. Placing the implant over the muscle can also give a slightly lifted look.
The downside: The implant sits closer to the surface of the skin, making it more detectable through touch and more visible if your skin is thin. In a mammogram, additional views may be necessary.
Silicone implants allow for more patients to have their implant placed subglandularly (in front of the muscle) because there is less rippling and visibility with silicone.

Submuscular: Under The Muscle
The upside: Positioning the implant below both the pectoral muscle and the breast tissue allows for the implant to be less visible and act as an internal bra, keeping the implant in place. The implant is also only partially covered by muscle, so it’s less likely to cause problems with mammograms.
The downside: It’s a more painful recovery because the internal anatomy of the tissue behind the breast is hanged more.
Placing the implant under the muscle is good for those who are thin because it provides extra coverage over the implant, which gives a more natural look.

Breast augmentation helps women with small or unevenly-sized breasts achieve a fuller, firmer and better-proportioned look through the placement of breast implants. Women may elect to undergo this procedure for many different reasons, including balancing breast size and compensating for reduced breast mass after pregnancy or surgery.
During your breast augmentation exam, Dr. Bishara will examine your breasts and perhaps take photographs for your medical record. Dr. Bishara will then examine the size and shape of your breasts for Breast augmentation surgery, the quality of your skin and the placement of your nipple and areola. Also, a breast lift may be recommended with the breast augmentation.  Please call our office at (817) 473-2120 or click on the link below.  You can also visit us on our website at and our Facebook page at Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa at