Who is a candidate for Breast Augmentation?

When thinking about a Breast Augmentation the ideal candidate must be over the age of 18. The patient should also be in good health and have reasonable expectations for their Breast Augmentation surgery.  Women that are breast feeding or who have been pregnant in the last 3 months are not ideal candidates.

Should i be at an ideal weight for a Breast Augmentation?

A stable weight is highly recommended when opting to a Breast Augmentation. Weight loss after a Breast Augmentation can alter the results and can be unsatisfying. Weight gain can cause a significant increase in breast size.

Can pregnancy affect my Breast Augmentation?

Typically after a pregnancy women can experience some sagging and deflation after a Breast Augmentation. It can cause a significant change in size and appearance in general.

Will a Breast Augmentation interfere with breast feeding?

In comparison with non- breast augmented women, when having a breast augmentation there is a higher risk of lactation insufficiency.

Should i wait until I’m done have children for a Breast Augmentation?

If breast augmentation is something you have been looking into doing you don’t necessarily have to wait. Many women have done a Breast Augmentation before having children. Although if you planning on becoming pregnant within a year or two after surgery, the breast augmentation is recommended to be postponed after the surgery.

Can having a  Breast Augmentation cause stretch marks?

When inserting implants their could be some stretch marks but its not very common. You can minimize the risk of stretch marks by going with a moderate size implant.

Will my chest be wrapped my after Breast Augmentation?

After breast augmentation surgery you will leave the office with an ace wrap and and a fluff dressing that can be removed after 2 days when a shower is necessary.  After showering, Dr Mark Bishara recommends using a post-surgical compression bra.  Dr Mark Bishara does not recommend under wire bra for 3 months after surgery.

What bra should i use after my Breast Augmentation?

Following your breast augmentation surgery you want to avoid under wire bras for 3 months. You want to make sure to wear a soft comfortable bra, a bra strap on the top of the bra, or a sports bra that can be worn regularly or rolled up to place downward pressure on the breasts.  This facilitates the “dropping” process that occurs between months 2-10.

Where to find a good doctor for my Breast Augmentation?

Finding a good cosmetic surgeon can be quite difficult, results vary even amongst the most season cosmetic breast surgeons…but i’ll help you out a bit. Dr. Mark A. Bishara at the Paragon Plastic Surgery is a fantastic surgeon! Dr. Mark A. Bishara has done hundreds of Breast Augmentation surgeries, and the results are just phenomenal!