Tattoo  Removal in Arlington Texas,  Ft Worth Texas and Mansfield Texas!!
Things to Know About Tattoo Removal

  • The risks of tattoo removal are very minimal: The procedure is effective and safe. Side effects such as burning are minor and will resolve over time.
  • Your health can make a difference: Optimal health is one way to achieve successful laser procedure results. Make sure that you are active, eating healthy, limiting alcohol and caffeine, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest.
  • Change in skin after the procedure are temporary: Skin discolorations such as hyperpigmentation don’t last long. Be diligent with sunscreen and be patient, most of the time these problems will resolve themselves.
  • Discuss Pain Management with your provider: Every person has a different tolerance for pain, so there are options to manage your pain during your procedure.
  • Be patient, and expect several sessions: You will be able to see significant changes in one session, the full results will require at least 8-10 sessions. These sessions will be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart.

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