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Treating Facial Wrinkles in Arlington Texas
Defeat Aging!!


We are all struggling against the effects of aging. The more weapons we have to fight the monster of aging the better. Here are some weapons every woman should keep in her anti-aging arsenal.

  • Combine Botox and Fillers: Most of us have tried Botox. Don’t stop there, add some fillers too. Botox will soften dynamic wrinkles that occur as a result of continual muscular contraction. Fillers will restore volume and support. The combination is dramatic!
  • Invest in some laser treatments: The laser 360 is your best option. It combines three treatments in one procedure. The first step, Photofacial, will remove unwanted skin discolorations such as pigmentation and blood vessels. The second step, NIR Skin Tightening will stimulate the production of brand new collagen and elastin. The final step is iPixel Laser Resurfacing restoring smooth texture All parts and layers of the skin are treated. The results are unmatched.
  • Stop the Abuse: Smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine and drugs are not good for your skin or your body. They all accelerate the aging process. Stop!
  • Use skincare at home: Your at home skincare routine will help you maintain your skin as well as any treatments you may invest in. In addition to the basics (cleanser and moisturizer) everyone should be using an antioxidant, an exfoliant and an eye cream.
  • Wear sunscreen every single day: We know UV radiation causes cancer. It doesn’t stop there. When UV radiation is absorbed by the skin, it activates the body’s own natural substance MMP-1. This substance digests collagen. This means that when you are in the sun unprotected, you are digesting your own collagen! This is very bad!

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