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Laser Hair Removal
While traditional hair removal methods may be quick easy and inexpensive, the real question is do they really work and how safe are they? Razors can cause cuts and bleeds and there is also a risk of infection. Shaving can also leave behind unsightly scars on the skin. Likewise, waxing poses an inherent risk of folliculitis, ingrown hair, infections, wax burns and even skin darkening . These methods also need to be done on a very regular basis.
Thankfully laser hair removal doesn’t come with any such side effects. The Paragon Med Spa features the very latest in Laser Hair Removal. SHR technology is completely safe and absolutely pain free. This method is appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities. Fine hairs which can be left behind by other laser technologies are destroyed by our SHR technology.  SHR produces results that are almost permanent. With a small package of treatment sessions, patients can experience long lasting results. SHR safely, swiftly and painlessly removes unwanted body hair from the body.
In just half an hour of your time, our experienced laser technician performs the pain-free procedure, giving you perfect results.
So if you are tired of the daily grind of razors and waxes, come on down to The Paragon Med Spa in Mansfield Texas and make the smart decision SHR body hair reduction.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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