Many women, who are thinking about having laser hair removal treatments, wonder when the best time would be to start their treatment course.
Whilst laser hair removal can be successful at any time of the year, the cooler autumn and winter months are generally the best times to book an appointment for treatment because the risk of sun damage tends to be a little lower during these seasons than in the likes of spring and summer.
We often have to postpone or cancel patient treatments due to sun damage – or at least the thread of sun damage – if patients are, or are planning to go on holiday or sunbathe.
The winter months bring cooler temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight meaning people tend to cover up with their winter woollies. The cold, dark days also mean that people stay indoors a little more, which means there is less chance of them getting exposed to the sun.
We continually campaign throughout the year about the importance of caring for your skin and the damage that exposure to the sun can cause. During the summer months, the team at Dr. Bishara’s office have to reschedule many appointments for clients who have just returned from their summer holiday and have tanned skin. We do this to ensure the safety of their clients. If we were to treat a client using a laser when their skin is sun damaged, patients could be left with severe burns and scars from the treatment.
So why not make the most of laser treatments this winter? Try laser hair removal treatments courses, which gives you the opportunity to say good-bye to waxing and shaving.
So the moral of the story is; winter is a great time to get laser hair removal done-and just think of all the extra time you’ll have to spend at the beach when it is warm out. For more information check out for information on starting the hair removal process now.

So if you are planning to under go this type of treatment NOW would be the best time to schedule your appointment.  Please call us for more information at (817) 473-2120 or email