Not so long ago, when a person went in for a cosmetic procedure, the entire procedure was kept under wraps as much as possible.  Though people speculated about whether or not someone they knew had had “work done”, rarely were such things discussed openly in public or even in privacy with friends.
But cosmetic procedures have changed a lot over the years. There are more technologically advanced procedures available today that require a lot less of a financial commitment and significantly less recovery time. The advent of Botox and other injectables and a variety of non-invasive liposuction options have made cosmetic procedures much more accessible and much more appealing to a wider range of people. As a result, more and more people are having cosmetic procedures performed and more and more people are also talking about their procedures more openly. at. Dr. Mark Bishara’s office we strive to help patients feel confident about their cosmetic procedures.

Though more people are admitting to having some sort of work done to cosmetically enhance their appearance, it is generally considered rude to ask another person about cosmetic procedures point-blank.  Many people will talk about their cosmetic procedures if they feel comfortable about it, but asking about it considered to be a social faux pas.  These days, patients are aiming to create natural looking cosmetic changes and when people notice the work that’s been done (and come right out and say it), this can be perceived as an insult.  And what if your friend or coworker hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures performed? Asking could make the person in question feel good about the way they look, or it could make them wonder if they need to consider a cosmetic procedure. Either way, you run the risk of putting your foot in your mouth.
One of the reasons why people change the way they look is because changing one’s appearance alters people’s reaction to their appearance.  It’s considered extremely rude to ask a person about whether or not they’ve had cosmetic procedures performed. It is best to let them confess to the procedure by their own volition.
If you suspect someone has had cosmetic enhancements, give them a compliment about their appearance. If that person wants to tell you about their cosmetic procedure, they’ll find an appropriate time or place to do so. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wonder. Remember, cosmetic surgery is not what it used to be and many people do end up spilling the beans. The whole point of cosmetic surgery is to make noticeable changes in one’s appearance and since approximately 9 million people in the United States underwent some kind of cosmetic procedure in 2011, many people feel like it’s counterproductive to keep their procedure a secret.  Rather than be secretive, many patients opt to clear the air and take pride in their renovated appearance. After all, who isn’t having work done these days?
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