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Feeling good about the way you look is a proven gateway to maintaining great relationships and happiness.
If you’re tired of finding ways to hide your receding hairline, or covering up that unsightly bald spot using expensive and often uncomfortable hair pieces, then it’s time you visit Dr.Bishara’s Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Restoration center. For men and women, going bald isn’t something that you can just get over; it weighs you down, makes you lose confidence in yourself and can prevent you from going out and doing the things you really want to do. Thanks to Dr. Bishara, you can now find a practical and affordable solution to your hair loss that will change your life forever. The answer is hair transplant surgery!
Using the very latest technology in hair restoration, Dr. Bishara has perfected what is called the “ARTAS System”. ARTAS is an interactive, computer assisted piece of equipment that employs image guidance to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting. It is the first hair transplant robot to improve the most challenging aspects of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).  While under anesthesia, individual follicles of your healthy donor hair are chosen with the ARTAS system and carefully removed– as not to damage the hair follicle– and then, reinserted back into the thinning area of your scalp using a micro blade. This process is repeated hundreds to thousands of times and is usually subject to human error; but, thanks to the ARTAS system– currently the only one used in Texas by Dr. Bishara– human error is greatly reduced through the efficiency of smart computer technology. The implanted hairs develop their own blood supply, and your new hairs will be seen growing fuller and thicker within the span of a month following your procedure. The best part is, no real healing time (7 days) is required after your hair transplant and your new hairs will continue to grow over the course of a full year. You can enjoy the benefits that come from of a full head of hair after a single short visit to Dr. Bishara’s. The ARTAS system is so safe, and so effective, it even received clearance from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in April, 2011.
Now, if you are one of those people unsure about anything surgical, then Dr. Bishara has alternative options for restoring and preventing hair loss that require no surgery at all. By using prescription drugs like Propecia or shampoos like Rogaine and Mane N’ Tail, you can help to prevent further hair loss; but, these methods take time and are not always effective. If you want results fast, a robot assisted hair transplant has proven to be a safe and effective hair loss solution. If you’ve tried almost everything there is to prevent going bald, then hair transplantation may be right choice for you.
But why stop there? Hair transplantation is just one of many procedures offered by Dr. Bishara. Men and women with unwanted body hair can benefit from Dr. Bishara’s laser hair removal procedure. Have an unsightly tattoo you regret getting from back in your wilder days? Then look to Dr. Bishara for your tattoo removal needs. Women looking for that extra confidence booster can also see Dr. Bishara about suggestions for injectable facial fillers, Botox and cosmetic face/body procedures.
If there is something about you that is preventing you from possessing the confidence you desire, then the time is now to do something about it. Make an appointment to see Dr. Bishara at his office locations in Mansfield,TX, and Southlake, TX. Please call (877)-70-NEW-LOOK.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
The Paragon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Mansfield and Southlake TX