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It finally happened—the moment you’ve been dreading ever since you hit thirty. A glance in the mirror one morning made your heart drop, yes indeed…your hairline isn’t what it used to be, what used to be your thick head of hair is noticeably thinning. Immediately you think of ill-fitting, tacky toupees. You wonder if a toupee or a ridiculous comb over is in your near future.
Don’t fret just yet.  Dr. Mark Bishara, with offices in north Texas has always understood many of the life problems and complications that male pattern baldness can contribute to and create. That’s why a hair transplant is a fantastic choice for anyone facing hair loss.
Hair transplant procedures are becoming more and more common every day. With new technology such as the ARTAS system, hair restoration is easier and more natural looking than ever before. Patients of Dr. Mark Bishara are lucky to have access to his expertise and the new state-of-the-art ARTAS system in his offices.
It used to be that the hair transplant process involved the use of large grafts of hair removed in ‘punches’ containing many hairs. If a patient was able to complete many planned sessions, results could be fairly passable. However, it was not uncommon for donor hair to run out before the entire process was finished. Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT) gained popularity in the 90’s, making hair transplants in naturally growing one, two, three and four hair “follicular unit groupings”. This created a more natural look and allowed patients to style their hair mostly however they pleased. FUT has continued to be an extremely labor intensive procedure. Until now.
Hair transplant patients were given new hope with the creation of Robot assisted FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Using ARTAS robotic technology, (cleared for use by the FDA since April of 2011), optimum hair follicles are identified for the best chance of success once transplanted. Rest easy knowing that Dr. Bishara guides the robotic arm that selects and removes ideal hair follicles from your scalp for your future transplant use.
Using the ARTAS system, it is possible to harvest more hair follicles at a time than previous methods would allow. Since hair follicles with the most potential for success are harvested, time is saved, discomfort is lessened. The hair transplant process is expedited.
Think of it as survival of the fittest. Dr. Bishara and the ARTAS system use advanced imaging technology to determine which hair follicles will do the best. That means that you need fewer hair transplant sessions. Your results are more natural and successful, and the pain and recovery time significantly decreases.
For many men, the first signs of thinning hair used to hint at a road of decreased confidence and self esteem. But that needn’t be the case anymore. Even if you experience male pattern balding, you don’t have to live your life feeling like less of the man or look forward to that sort of future. Hair transplant technology is more advanced than ever before and will ensure that you look and feel your best for a long time.
Curious if the ARTAS System and robot assisted FUE is the right decision for you? Visit Dr. Mark Bishara on his website ( today and see just how life changing hair restoration can be—with more natural results and comfortable procedures than ever before. Male pattern balding doesn’t have to affect your life and if you chose to have a hair transplant procedure, even your hairstylists will be convinced!
Keep your head of hair full and natural, and continue to be all you’ve wanted to be.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
Bishara Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration
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