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Hair loss has long been a problem for both the sexes, generally after the mid-40s. We tend to take good care of our hair with various types of shampoo based products, hair oil and hair growth lotions. But, by the time we reach 45 or 50 years of age, we still lose a lot of hair and may even become bald. Thus, various people opt for cosmetic techniques in order to ensure that their looks remain the same, and they do not feel embarrassed in social settings. In cosmetic surgery, robotic hair transplant techniques are used in order to implant an individual’s own hair on the areas of the scalp where we have lost the maximum amount of hair. Robotic hair transplant technique has proven to be very effective for the people who have faced issues with hair loss, and even baldness at a young age. Though, various private organizations exist all around the world, who promises effective hair transplant techniques, but few of them are actually renowned and experienced in achieving the right results.
One such effective cosmetic hair therapy clinic exists in Dallas, led by Dr. Mark Bishara. This clinic can be reached at their website on the internet. Techniques used by Mark A Bishara, M.D. have been effective in solving various issues related to hair loss via effective robot- assisted hair transplant techniques. A few of the features which he uses in order to achieve successful hair transplant therapy, are as follows:
·         ARTAS system: In this technique, Dr Bishara is aided with the computer images, which allows effective hair follicle harvesting. FUE or Follicular Unit extraction techniques are used in this hair transplant therapy in order to harvest the lost hair follicle, and prevent further damage at the follicle level of the hair.
·         The ARTAS technique has been cleared by the FDA (Food and drug association), and is almost done without any side effects. The robotic arm of the ARTAS system is used in order to harvest new follicles on the scalp, with the aid of the computer generated images and hence, the results are effective and visible. Often, small dermal punches are used alongside in order to make the hair transplant a complete success.
·         Graft survival percentage is high with the aid of the ARTAS techniques used in this procedure. Since, the time required for harvesting the hair follicle is reduced to a large extent, therefore, the chances of graft survival increases. The robotic arm used in the ARTAS technique allows the proper and effective grafting measures for better results.
·         The procedure though might seem to be complex and painful, is actually not so. When you choose this technique of robot hair transplant, local anesthesia is applied in order to reduce the level of pain to zero. Thus, you face no issues when the harvesting of hair follicles is done on the scalp.
·         Repetitive grafting technique and selection of follicular units from the associated donor tissues actually might be erroneous; therefore, the robotic technique is applied. With the aid of imaging and robotic arm, the grafting technique reaches almost perfection level with no mismatch at all.
Dr Mark Bishara is already having various successful treatment centers, which include Southlake, Bay Harbor Island and Texas.
Dr. Bishara has made the Dallas region his home base. It is a privilege for the people of Dallas to have treatments like robot hair transplant from a very experienced doctor. Though, there are other doctors who perform excellent hair transplantation work-  Dr. Mark Bishara is among the top five hair transplantation surgeons in the world.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Medspa in Mansfield and Southlake, TX