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Your decision to have hair restoration is best served by considering harvesting your own hair follicles using the latest high tech procedure. The benefits of using a computer-assisted FUE (follicular unit extraction) include less discomfort and a shorter recovery period when compared to conventional methods. A ground breaking procedure called RFUE, or Robot-assisted Follicular Unit Extraction, can harvest your hair follicles using ARTAS robotic technology, that is controlled by Dr. Mark Bishara, in an office setting. It is a safe and easier way to restore hair in men with male pattern hair loss. ARTAS has been cleared for use by the FDA since April 2011.
There is no need to hesitate any longer and struggle with the life issues that come along with male pattern baldness. Self-esteem and insecurity will become a thing of the past, when you make the decision to have a hair restoral procedure, to look and feel your best. Using state-of-the-art technology to improve follicle harvesting with better results, less pain and a quicker recovery involves making the decision to use the ARTAS system for FUE procedures.
In Dr. Bishara’s office, an ARTAS system uses high technology computer equipment to identify hair follicles that can be harvested for transplantation. The robotic arm, guided by Dr. Bishara, extracts hair follicles that the ATRAS system identifies as being capable of having a good chance of success upon transplanting. He uses the robotic arm and its high quality imaging system to select the hair follicles from your scalp that are then removed and stored for future use.
The technology advancements results in a faster speed of extraction so you can have more follicles harvested in one session than was possible before. The process is automated so the time savings are significant. You sit for less sessions and yield more follicles. There is greater accuracy and the extraction technique results in less damage to the follicle so the chances of numerous surviving follicles increases dramatically. This results in better success at implantation as you will have more follicles that have a higher probability of survival to use when implanting. There is also a decreased need for a local anesthetic because session times are shorter and more accurate.
Dr. Mark A. Bishara has offices in Mansfield and Arlington, Texas as well as Dallas, North Texas, at The Paragon Medspa and Bay Harbor Island, Fla. He is well-versed in using ARTAS for RFUE.
Dr. Bishara is a member of:
• American College of Surgeons (ACS)
• American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)
• Dallas County Medical Society
• Texas Medical Association
Dr. Bishara is licensed to practice surgery in:
• Massachusetts
• New Jersey
• Texas
• Florida
Dr. Bishara has the ability to use the ARTAS system to dissect hair follicles at the rate of up to 1,000 individual hair follicles per hour. His intensive education and experience will help make your hair restoration an effective one, with minimal time and less discomfort. The positive impact on your lifestyle, with a head of natural looking hair harvested expertly from your own hair follicles, will be a renewed sense of confidence and an improved appearance.
The first step is to contact Dr. Bishara and schedule a consultation. You will be able to ask questions and see for yourself the state of the art ARTAS system. Dr. Bishara will take the time to explain all that is involved in hair restoration and answer any questions and concerns you may have. A restored head of hair and an increased sense of self-esteem, using the latest technology in the hands of a qualified and experienced doctor such as Dr. Bishara, will be the benefits you can achieve.


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