In a recent article in Feel Costa Rica, a Real Estate magazine, discusses how Costa Rica is a very appealing option for medical tourism.
Several countries now top the list for medical tourism, including Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Costa Rica. Ranked as among the most appealing destinations for medical tourism last year, these countries have quite a lot to offer, including the ability to recuperate in a beautiful, foreign location. Other countries that are gaining appeal in terms of medical tourism include South Korea, Italy, Colombia, Spain, and Dubai, as ranked by the International Healthcare Research Center.
The Medical Tourism Index measures the appeal of a country for the purposes of medical travel in addition to several key dimensions. As part of the latest ranking, Canada was determined to top the list for both Medical Tourism Costs and Country Environment. Costa Rica came out the winner for Destination Attractiveness. Israel was ranked highest in Medical Facility and Service. The list was based on a survey conducted among 5,000 Americans and included 30 countries.
The Appeal of Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
Medical tourism in Costa Rica has been on the rise the past several years. Recent news indicates that the medical tourism market is expected to increase to more than $32 billion over the course of the next four years. Much of that increase is due to rising healthcare costs. Improved standards of healthcare technology in countries such as China and India have also contributed to increased medical tourism. Other factors, such as increased adoption of advanced technologies, improved exchange rates, and an ageing population have also contributed to the rise of medical tourism.
Travelers seeking procedures abroad are often attracted by a shorter waiting period for treatment and better pricing for procedures, including cosmetic surgeries. In addition to continually rising healthcare costs, a number of surgical and medical procedures are no longer covered by insurance. As a result, it has now become vital for Americans to seek out more affordable, alternative healthcare treatment options. The opportunity to travel to a foreign country that offers more affordable pricing and quality healthcare in a serene environment has proven to be the ideal solution for many people. Medical tourism has now grown far beyond elective procedures to include non-elective procedures, such as hip replacements, neurosurgery, and heart surgery. This has proven to be particularly important in light of the aging of the Baby Boomer population in the United States.
The rise of medical tourism has certainly proven to be good news for Costa Rica. Most recently, it was announced that La Posada, located in Guanacaste has been sold to Rythmia Holdings Company SRL. The new owner plans to convert the property into a medical treatment center and promote the facility for medical tourism with a focus on holistic health. Estimates indicate that the project will create more than 100 jobs, including both direct and indirect jobs. Operations are slates to begin early this year.
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