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So you’ve made the decision to do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, something for yourself. You know that the very first impression you make when meeting new people is formed not as a result of your intellect or your wit, but rather, is formed based on your appearance. And you have decided that it is time to make that appearance the best it can be.
Once you make that decision, Mark A. Bishara, MD, is the first and only call you need to make.
Dr. Bishara is one of the nation’s most respected providers of cosmetic surgery and hair restoration services, and he is licensed to practice in Massachusetts, Texas, New Jersey, and Florida. He offers a broad range of services that include:

  • Laser hair removal- Laser hair removal is the most effective pain-free ways to rid your body of unwanted body hair that can grow virtually anywhere, from face, chin, and neck, to arms, legs, and buttocks. If you have unwanted hair, and you want it gone for good, you absolutely should consider laser hair removal.
  • Tattoo removal- There was a time when tattoos were forever. Well, fortunately for all of us who may no longer want that tattoo which was once a source of pride, that time is in the past. Our precision lasers can be used to successfully fade tattoos by over 95% over the course of a number of treatments.
  • Tummy tucks- Also known as abdominoplasty, this procedure is helpful in removing excess fat and skin from the abdomen and the waist area. This is a particularly helpful procedure for those who have lost a significant amount of weight, but are left with loose skin in their mid-section.
  • Breast augmentation- Breast augmentation is not simply about size, but also about shape. Your breasts may be uneven in size, or just not the way you want them to look. We offer a wide range of implant and incision options and welcome the opportunity to discuss all available options with you.
  • Liposuction- Sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, the fat just won’t leave certain parts of your body. In many cases, this may be simply the result of genetics and something that you just cannot do anything about on your own. This is where we come in. Liposuction is a safe and incredibly popular procedure in which excess fat is removed from those stubborn areas to help shape and sculpt your body.
  • Injectable facial fillers (such as Botox)- These minimally-invasive procedures, which take only minutes to perform, offer you the results you want without the risk of an extensive period of downtime or recovery. That is why they are among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country today.
  • Cosmetic surgery of the face (including facelifts, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, lip augmentation, brow lifts, and more) – A wide range of facial surgical procedures, each of which can result in your face having a fresher, younger, and more youthful look. All that stands between you and looking literally years younger is a procedure that lasts no more than a few hours

And for men who are suffering from the unfortunate effects of male pattern baldness, Dr. Bishara offers complete hair transplantation services. Hair transplantation is the best way to return to your head a full, permanent head of hair.
Please note, this is only a partial listing of the services provided by Dr. Bishara, however, it demonstrates the wide scope of services that he provides, with precision accuracy and at a fair and reasonable price.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
Bishara Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Restoration
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