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Facelift Cosmetic Surgery at Mansfield, Texas to Revitalize You
When you try to stay in tune with today’s reality, you will realize that many folks around you are trying to stay young. This in fact means that they have already probably had facelift surgery done! With passage of time, your facial skin shows signs of aging like loosening, thinning, sagging and the appearance of pouches and wrinkles in your jaw line, cheeks and the neck. A facelift procedure will help you to streamline all these undesirable effects of aging and restore a younger looking face for you!
You need not be a politician or a movie star to get a facelift done nor is it the priority of only the narcissists! Many people get it done for the benefit it brings to their face. Normally it is the men and women in their 40’s and 50’s who opt to get this procedure done but nowadays even older and younger folks are choosing to become candidates for facelift as it helps:

  • Undo the “jowls” or the drooping skin around the jaw
  • Rectify the “nasolabial folds” or creases that run from the nose downward towards the mouth
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Sagging skin beneath the chin
  • Rectify a turkey neck

Apart from age other factors worth considering prior to getting a facelift done are:
·         Desired aesthetic outcome
·         Facial characteristics
·         Current overall heath
·         Financial stability
·         Current medical condition
A facelift is normally performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases local anesthesia and sedation are used. Other surgical procedures that are often combined with facelift are eyelid surgery, lip augmentation or liposuction. An initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon will help you to discuss about your concerns regarding the areas of your face that need to be improved or corrected. Based on your facial muscle tone and bone structure, your cosmetic surgeon will decide about your facial zones where facelift will be most effective.
Although facelift cannot stop the aging process nor amend the fundamental appearance of a face, it can surely remove the deep facial creases, loose fat around the jaw line, sagging jowls and displaced fat on the face. Your consultation with the cosmetic surgeon will help you to know what may be not or what is possible with this surgery.
During a facelift surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will make incisions on your facial structure for removing the extra skin and reposition the muscles to bring best results for your face. Facelift is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery time. Minor swelling with some discoloration can occur immediately after the procedure but may disappear within a few hours after the surgery.
Complications after a facelift surgery are rare but it is normal to feel some after effects like discomfort, bruising and swelling. All this is only temporary. A simple prescription of medication will ensure that you have a painless and smooth recovery and you will be delighted with the beautiful results that you see!
The outcome of a facelift is tremendous improvement in your facial symmetry, a clearly defined jaw line, a more relaxed and youthful appearance and of course not to forget the compliments you receive. All this is sure to give a boost to your self-confidence! You will realize that investing in a facelift does make sense as a revitalized face brings more opportunities in life!
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Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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