Hair Restoration does exactly what its name say it does. It restores hair to areas of hair loss. It is a cosmetic procedure that improves the esthetic image of a man or woman who is experiencing hair loss and wishes to restore his/her appearance. This procedure is highly successful that achieves the satisfactory outcome desired by the great majority of patients. Hair restoration is a procedure that cannot be undone after it has been performed on a person. However, it can be revised over time with additional surgery. With this being said it is very important that patients should be fully forthcoming in all answers, and should in turn ask as many questions as necessary to feel fully informed.
All questions regarding this procedure are usually resolved by discussions between patient and physician hair restoration specialist. In most cases, patient and physician arrive at an agreement on realistic expectations for outcome. Well directed questions, honest and full answers, discussion and agreement on all matters relating to the hair restoration procedure are as essential to good outcome as it the surgical procedure itself.


Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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