Folliculitis, or commonly known as “barbers itch” or “hot tub folliculitis” is a very mild side effect often noticed after a hair transplant procedure.  These pimple-like inflamed hair follicles can show up anywhere from a few days to a few months following a hair transplant procedure. Although it may look worse than it is, the lesions typically clear up on their own without any form of treatment within a few days.

In some cases there can be more severe folliculitis that show signs of infection such as, the spreading of redness and inflammation to areas surrounding the follicle and discharge which are caused by the bacteria known as Streptococcus.  If you feel as though you are experiencing a more severe case of Hair Transplant Folliculitis then you should consult with the doctur who performed your procedure to see if antibiotics are needed to clear the infection.
Dr. Mark Bishara, MD is an experienced cosmetic surgeon specializing in a wide range of hair restoration treatments, as well as face and body plastic surgery procedures.
Dr. Bishara’s unique treatments offer patients effective hair restoration through the most minimally invasive techniques. Some of his most popular procedures include Follicular Unit Transplantation, Low Level Laser Technology, Individual Graft Techniques, and more.
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