The first official day of summer is only eight weeks away, which means you have just enough time to whip your skin-and the rest of your body-into shape. Whether you need to tighten up, nourish or just get your good habits back on track, here are four excellent ways to treat your skin now so you’ll be ready to glow this summer:
Add antioxidants
Consuming and applying certain antioxidants, especially vitamin C, will actually boost your skin’s strength against the sun’s damaging rays. Grab a high-quality vitamin C serum to add to your daily skin-care regimen, and eat plenty of berries, beans, nuts, citrus and green veggies to add protection from the inside out.
Nourish dry skin
If you naturally have dry skin, the hot summer months can make it even worse. A great way to boost your hydration levels is with an oxygen-based facial that deeply delivers moisture to the lower layers of skin. You’ll notice a difference right away in the way your skin looks and feels. Day-to-day, use a toner to activate your skin’s natural oils, which will improve dry skin over time.
Tighten up your skin
You have just enough time to schedule a series of skin-tightening procedures that use near infrared, which is used to tighten the stomach, love handles and arms. You’ll need four to six once-a-week sessions to see results.
Start good habits
Eight weeks is plenty of time to see a real difference in your body through good diet and exercise, especially when paired with good sleep and a stringently followed skin-care plan. Cut back on simple carbs, especially sugar, and fit in five cardio sessions a week, plus two strength-training workouts.
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