For many people with thinning scalp hair, proven medical therapies and hair restoration surgical procedures are widely available and good options to restore hair loss and slow future hair loss. We receive many calls to our office, asking if we do eyebrow transplants, and we do.  Eyebrows are an important part of our appearance and is important to our facial symmetry. Thanks to great strides in hair restoration surgery, we are now able to restore all or part of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow Transplant

The most important aspect of transplanting eyebrows is to follow the natural hair direction very closely. Aangle changes are important to recreate the fan-like splay of hair at the medial aspect of the brow and the converging hair direction as one moves laterally along the brow. The recipient sites for the hairs are be made with a very fine-gauge needle that literally slides along the surface of the skin as the sites are being made, as this will insure that the hair will lie as flat as possible on the surface of the skin as it grows.
Single hair micrografts, placed into recipient sites that have been created at very acute angles to the skin surface, require a considerable about of skill and experience. In addition, when the patient’s hair is waved or curly, it is particularly important to rotate the hair so that curve of the hair shaft follows the natural curve of the eyebrow.

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