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Dear Friends,
Hair transplantation is universally accepted as a treatment for hair loss. While it was developed and first offered for men with hair loss, women have increasingly found hair transplantation an option to correct the cosmetic deficit of thinning hair. Today many women are being proactive about seeking hair transplantation.
Studies have shown that about 80% of women experience some degree of hair loss before menopause. Hair loss has a basis female pattern therefore, a women who has history of hair loss in her family may be especially aware of the possibly that she may also begin to lose hair as she matures. A family history of hair loss in women is an indication that a woman may be genetically predisposed to lose hair. However, a woman’s hair loss is not always genetically predisposed and is not always permanent.
Hair loss is common during pregnancy and is usually restores on a normal pattern after pregnancy. Also some hair may be due to a condition such as hypothyroidism that requires treatment before hair transplant can be undertaken. Whether hair transplant is an option for a woman that is experiencing hair loss is a question to be answered by close consultation with a physician hair restoration specialist. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure associated with some degree of discomfort and small risk for complications. It is a procedure that should be undertaken with great amount of deliberation. Hair restoration is also a procedure with a high success rate of meeting the expectations of patients.

Respectfully yours,
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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