Skin is the body’s largest organ and one of the most important. To achieve optimal skin health you must understand the various skin types and conditions as well as factors that can potentially cause damage. At the office of Dr. Mark Bishara and The Paragon Med Spa, we emphasize the importance of taking care of your skin. We offer SkinCeuticals products and treatments to help you properly treat your skin, and our staff can educate you on the products that are right for your own skin type.

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Sun Damage and Sun Protection
Accumulated exposure from the sun without proper protection has negative consequences. The three main types of rays that damage our skin are UVA, UVB, and infrared rays, all of which have the ability to penetrate skin and cause damage to cells and DNA. On the surface, this damage manifests as fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and discoloration, but the most dangerous consequence beneath the surface is the risk of skin cancer.
To adequately shield skin from the sun, sunscreen needs to be a part of every daily routine. Options include physical UV-reflecting ingredients, chemical UV-absorbing ingredients, or a combination of both, but the most important thing to look for on a label is the term “broad spectrum”. This indicates full coverage from the entire spectrum of UVA and UVB radiation, whereas SPF only measures the length of time one is protected from the UVB rays responsible for sunburn.
Research has shown that sunscreen alone does not provide adequate protection from environmental damage. The average consumer does not apply enough sunscreen, therefore only obtaining up to half the protection stated on the bottle. Second, sunscreens only block 55%* of the free radicals generated by UV exposure. Finally, UV filters do not provide protection from damaging infrared radiation. For broad range protection against all sources of environmental skin insults, it’s imperative to use a topical antioxidant in conjunction with a daily sunscreen. Our SkinCeuticals products offer eight antioxidant products that have been clinically proven to provide optimal protection from the damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors.

Environmental Aggressors

Natural protective antioxidants helps the skin repair itself, but when it is hit with environmental aggressors, this supply is quickly depleted. Without antioxidant protection, the skin can be damaged in both its appearance and long-term health.
The main environmental factors that contribute to skin damage are sunlight, infrared radiation, air pollution, alcohol, and smoking. These aggressors generate free radicals, which cause damage in the skin that compromises vital cellular components as well as the cells’ DNA. When cells can’t defend themselves, they then lose their ability to replicate correctly- and the visible signs include fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, discoloration, and potentially skin cancer.

The Importance Of a Proper Regimen

In order to maintain and improve the health and appearance of skin, a proper skincare regimen is essential. Although the specific products depend on skin type and skin conditions, every effective regimen must include three fundamental elements—Prevention, Protection, and Correction.
To “Prevent” accelerated skin aging and skin cancer, it’s imperative to use a daily topical antioxidant. This targeted range of products prevents skin damage by neutralizing the free radicals generated by UV rays, infrared radiation, and other environmental factors like pollution, alcohol consumption, and cigarette smoke. Photodamage created by the sun is the number-one cause of accelerated skin aging and skin cancer. In order to prevent this damage, it’s essential to “Protect” skin with sunscreen. To minimize lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and other visible effects of past damage, we offer products designed to “Correct”. These potent skincare products are formulated with powerful ingredients and advanced technologies to restore a healthier, younger-looking complexion.
These three components ensure an effective skincare regimen for maintaining and improving the health and appearance of skin.  To properly choose a skincare regimen and proper treatments we now offer Digital Facial Scanning at Dr. Bishara’s office.  The Reveal Computer Skin Analysis System is computer imaging software that takes high resolution photos and demonstrates areas of aging and sun damaged skin. After your digital facial scanning we can discuss proper SkinCeutical products and laser facial rejuvenation procedures that would correct your skin conditions.At the office of Dr. Bishara and The Paragon Med Spa- we can create an effective skincare regimen that is tailored to every unique skin type and condition. Our staff can prescribe additional in-office treatments that make it possible to achieve one’s skincare goals. Think of us as an essential partner for healthy, beautiful skin.  Please contact our office at (817) 473-2120 for further information or questions.