The secret to what looks like hair

What exactly is Scalp Micro Pigmentation and how does it differ from a Robotic Hair Transplant? The SMP (also known as the medical hairline tattoo) is a non-surgical treatment that injects ink underneath your skin to appear as if you have small hair follicles growing into what looks like a “buzz cut.” This treatment looks as if you’re receiving little tattoo-like dots on the epidermal layer of the scalp which are created from natural pigments consisting of different shades, however, it’s much more than just a tattoo. The doctor performing the treatment creates tiny, irregular marks in places that you’re experiencing baldness and the outcome is impeccable. SMP is not known to cause pain during the process but patients have said that it’s more of an annoying feeling.

Thousands of men in the United States suffer from hair loss just as the man pictured above. Scalp Micro Pigmentation could be the perfect option for this candidate pictured above. As you can see, the front area of his head and parts in the back are places that he is experiencing hair loss. The insertion of ink into these different spots could make him look as if he has a full head of hair and could potentially give him a more youthful appearance. Candidates that consist of all ages, colours, and skin types are suitable for SMP. Whether you’re suffering from mild to major hair loss, SMP can restore what looks like a well-groomed head of hair.
The number of sessions and the amount of time each session takes varies from patient to patient. On average, there are usually 2-3 sessions with each session taking up to 4 hours. The most important part of this treatment is said to be the hairline because it is the main area that people look at when examining your hair/head. Each patient has different expectations for their results. Some patients want a defined hairline while others try to go for the more natural look. When you schedule a consultation with the doctor of your choice, you and the doctor can decide which option would be best for your case. The advantages of SMP include no down time following the treatment, the natural appearance because of the different shades of pigmentation and irregular marks, and it’s permanent so you won’t have to worry about follow-up procedures.