The ARTAS procedure restores your hair by transplanting permanent hair from the back or side of the head into thinning areas on the scalp.

The ARTAS robot system uses its digital imaging software in areas of the back of your scalp that identifies hair existing the scalp and it’s natural groupings of 1 hair, 2 hair, or multiple hair follicular units.  Using image guided robotics the ARTAS system dissects out individual follicular units.
The hair is then transplanted by the surgeon into different areas. The robot allows for specific and precise dissection individual follicular units or natural groupings of hair during the hair transplantation process
The recipient sites are previously placed by the surgeon are then filled in with hair removed by the robot.
The typical steps of the ARTAS procedure include preparing the area of donor scalp by trimming the hairs so that the imaging system can recognize the direction of hair follicles to be dissected
The ARTAS system then digitally maps the donor area which analyzes the position in the direction of the hair follicles leaving the scalp of the donor area.
With Dr Bishara’s guidance the system will harvest hair in a random fashion which helps to mask any potential problems with thinning in the donor area.  This leaves the donor area in its natural state.
This process is repeated until the required or desired amount of hair has been achieved.  Then the recipient sites that are strategically placed by the surgeon into areas or thinning hair or balding hair
What happens after the transplant procedure?
About nine months one can expect a natural looking area of hair that will last a lifetime.
Also patients are quickly returning to the normal activities of often within 24 hours after the procedure.
Both the donor and recipient should have a similar appearance as they did before the procedure within several days in most patients
In approximately six months most and patience enjoy noticeable improvement in their overall hair.
What is a follicular unit?
Many people don’t realize that your hair in your scalp has multiple hairs in one specific grouping exiting the skin. These groupings can collectively be called follicular units. Single hair follicular units are used in hair transplantation to design very natural appearing hairlines. Multiple hair follicular units are used to gain density on the interior and along the middle scalp and lateral fringe to provide density in the transplant process.

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