Tattoos have been favored by millions of Americans over the years but people’s habits change and it is estimated more than 50 percent of individuals with tattoos on them develop a tendency to reconsider tattoo removal procedures. The good news, the old and painful method of controlled surgical scraping of tattoo removal (Dermabrasion); in effect, sanding away by cutting the tattoo out and stitching the incision back together, have today been replaced by laser tattoo removal procedure.  Laser tattoo removal, a recent advance in medical technology, has become the gold standard to remove unwanted tattoos.
Experts familiar with laser tattoo removal procedure are saying it is the safest and easiest way to remove unwanted tattoo. The laser technique used precisely targets the ink in the tattoo removing it with minimal side effects. The laser energy produced gently sinks through the outermost layer of the skin reaching the tattoo’s pigment, leaving the lower layers unaffected. The procedure itself is non-ablative, meaning the skin is very rarely broken minimizing the incidence of bleeding.  The tattoo removal medical procedure will typically require several scheduled treatments. The dimension, thickness and location of the tattoo, the client’s health and age, will determine how much time is needed between treatments.


The Leader in Laser Treatment

The clinic of Dr. Mark A. Bishara offers a physician-controlled, state-of-the-art, laser tattoo removal therapy environment. The laser tattoo removal procedures conducted in the Bishara Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Restoration clinic are of the highest quality results seen thus far in tattoo removal treatments.  Dr. Mark A. Bishara himself, an experienced and certified laser specialist, only proceeds with all procedures first by evaluating clients to determine individualized treatment plans. Dr. Bishara has the experience and knowledge his practice has picked up from treating thousands of clients which in effect does translate in his clinic providing treatments with excellent end results in tattoo removal using the latest laser technology with minimal risks.
Primarily, the health of clients is a factor. The prime health of the client supplemented by healthy eating habit is recommended during the course of treatments which will require 8 to 10 sessions scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart. Further, limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption is recommended. Drinking large quantities of water and resting enough all constitute some of the ground rules discussed with clients at the clinic to achieve optimal laser procedure results.
Effective Pain Management Measures in Place
Unfortunately, even though tattoos are painful when they are placed on the skin and they are just as painful when they are removed, Dr. Bishara’s practice is very much concerned about the comfort of clients undergoing the procedure. As leader in laser tattoo removal treatment, Dr. Bishara’s practice endeavors to generally make lasers that generate rapid pulses which may feel different to each patient less uncomfortable. Overall, the clinic has in place effective pain management measures with its laser tattoo removal therapy, making pain and scarring very minimal with the appropriate use of topical anesthetic and Q-Switched ND-YAG lasers. The clinic also have adequate medical measures in place in managing hyper/hypo pigmentation (skin discolorations) experienced in some patients, with treatments that make them to quickly fade away.
Dr. Bishara’s niche, specializing in a wide range of cosmetic services, is restoring confidence in patients’ appearance with a combination of skilled technicians with the world’s best technology to provide the most effective, least painful, and most affordable tattoo removal. The Bishara Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Restoration clinic also provides other highly specialized cosmetic services such as removal of unwanted body hair, hair transplantation, injectable facial fillers, botox, and cosmetic surgery of face and body.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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