Q. What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty also coined (labia minora reduction) and (labial major reduction) is a relatively minor form of plastic surgery procedure where the surgeon removes excess skin to improve aesthetic appearance/hygienic reasons/pain relief or to prevent avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Q. Who is a candidate for surgery?

Women who suffer from discomfort associated with protruding labias, to include constrictive clothing, bathing suits, sexual intimacy discomfort or sexual avoidance due to embarrassment are candidates. Those who participate in sports which require sitting (spinning or weightlifting) may also benefit from this procedure.  Patients need an updated pap smear within 3 months.

Q. What can I expect during consultation?

A. Dr. Mark Bishara will obtain past medical history, discuss expectations and your goals and will do a physical/visual examination. This is a good time to ask Dr. Mark Bishara questions you may have surrounding the procedure and he will discuss what can be achieved. The consultation cost is $125 but will be applied to your procedure.

Q. What is the cost of a labiaplasty?

The average cost for a labiaplasty is $4980, however maybe more or less dependent on patient and if in conjunction with another procedure.

Q. Will I have a noticeable scar from labiaplasty?

It is definitely possible, but due to the vascular nature of the area, healing is exceptional. Dr. Bishara uses dissolvable sutures to also mitigate scarring. If scarring does occur in the region it will be very difficult to see.

Q. Are there any risks associated with labiaplasty?

There are risks with any medical procedure however, typically very minor. Some swelling (mangaged with ice); possible risk of infection, tenderness, possible loss of sensation.

Q. Will I be in any pain post procedure?

Dr. Bishara’s ultimate goal is pain management which most control with prescribed or over the counter medications.

Q. Can I finance the procedure?

Yes, you can use your own credit cards or apply with United Medical Credit for an affordable monthly payment. https://www.unitedmedicalcredit.com

Q. What do I do if I am interested in scheduling a labiaplasty?