How Long Does it Take to Heal from a hair transplant?

There is some redness and dryness after the procedure. Some patients experience swelling during the first week after surgery. Hair transplants are usually undetectable after 10 days. Follicular unit grafts are permanent in the scalp after 10 days.
Recovery time with the ARTAS Robot Assisted FUE System Procedure is much less and much more comfortable as compared to a traditional linear strip method of hair restoration.  As there is no linear incision required with an ARTAS Procedure, healing time is short, and you can usually go back to your daily activities after a day or two.  It takes approximately three days for the transplanted hair to “take” and for growth cells to be transferred from the follicles to the scalp.  You will be using the medical-grade saline salt solution that we provide on your procedure day along with a spray bottle to keep the newly implanted hair moist with the saline solution.  Don’t worry, all the post-procedure instructions are provided to you in writing and by email if you choose.  Also, our staff is always available to answer questions about your post-procedure care.  By about Days 7-10, the crusting will largely have subsided, leaving little evidence that any procedure has taken place at all.
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