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When balding becomes an issue that affects your self-esteem you may decide to do research on ways to treat your situation. You may be enticed by commercials to use spray on hair, or gels and creams that promise you a miracle. When you are the one suffering and looking for answers it is easy to be taken in by these empty promises.
If you are in this position you should look for a real solution. One that gives you real results. During your research you may have heard about hair transplants. This is one of the best solutions that has been used by many men with the same issues as you. And it has been very successful.
When you consider hair transplants you will learn about a couple different procedures.  You will learn about FUT which stands for follicular unit transplantation and FUE which stands for follicular unit extraction. FUT has been a very popular technique that has helped many men regain hair growth in areas of hair loss. With this procedure a strip of skin from the scalp is removed and follicular units are microscopically dissected to be transplanted in the area where hair is missing.
With FUE surgeons have refined a surgical procedure harvesting bald resistant hair follicles by using a punch which extracts the donor hair follicles which are then transplanted into areas where the hair is missing using a small incision. Follicular unit extraction is being used by many more men due to the fact that the procedure is much less invasive than FUT with quicker healing time at the donor sites than the site where the donor strip of skin is taken during the FUT procedure.
When you have done your due diligence and choose follicular unit extraction you will be very satisfied with your decision. You will enjoy a  quicker recovery time, less pain in donor areas, no noticeable scarring and results that will give you back the self-esteem you have been missing.
When comparing the procedures please note that follicular unit extraction does take more physician time which makes this technique more expensive than FUT. The decision is yours. Only you know your personal circumstances and your financial limitations. This can be a life changing decision giving you back that missing self-esteem, so making the choice to go with follicular unit extraction seems like the right one.
The next step for you at this point is to make an appointment to see Dr Bishara who will go over the details with you and get you scheduled for your procedure. Don’t let baldness put a cramp in your personal life. Get yourself an appointment today.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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