Benefits abound when incorporating fillers such as Juvederm & Radiesse, with botulinum toxins such as Botox and Xeomin in Mansfield Texas.
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Dr Bishara understands the aging face and which order to use fillers and the botulinum toxin to maximize the patients results. Cosmetic physicians need to know the dynamics of the aging face, the vectors pulling on the face as it ages, and the right order to have lasting results.
Loss of collagen and gravity eventually age the skin, but the human face doesn’t age all at once.  There are fixed and mobile areas that can be identified. The fixed areas include the mid-and lateral face, between these areas are skin and fat compartments where fillers can be injected to rejuvenate and lift the patient’s aging skin. Injecting fillers with Xeomin and Botox in Arlington and Mansfield Texas is an amazing art being practiced at The Paragon Med Spa in Mansfield Texas.
The glabella region is one of the most common areas for cosmetic concern in patients. The aging lines generally go deep in the glabella, forehead and nasolabial fold regions where the combination of the filler and botulinum toxin improve the lines in the skin.  Generally cosmetic physicians inject the filler into the face and then inject the botulinum toxin into the muscle where its at its thickest. This smooths out the wrinkles left in the surrounding area.  Its important to keep treatments simple and know when and where to  inject the illers with Xeomin and Botox in Arlington and Mansfield Texas.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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