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FUE transplants in Dallas TX are practiced by around 15% of the practitioners who do hair transplantation. FUE transplants are incredibly time consuming and to some physicians not worth the time or energy to perform. The robot determines everything that the physician might be guessing. The angles, the drection; what’s the depth I need to go? The robot is taking care of that, but it leaves everything within the hand of the surgeon in determining the artwork, the aesthetic, all those parameters that the surgeon wants control over. It still allows the surgeon to do that. It doesn’t take that away. It is not uncommon to see several people assisting in the cutting, processing or planting of the grafts. In the future, Dr Bishara hopeful to have the artificial intelligence needed for the robot to perform all of these tasks in Dallas TX.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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