Hair transplantation can be a divided into 4 phases when using the ARTAS robot: 1. Graft Dissection 2. Recipient Site Creation 3. Extraction 4. Implantation
The latest advancement in robotic hair transplantation that has been successfully achieved and FDA cleared  is recipient site creation for subsequent manual implantation of the harvested follicles.


ARTAS Site Making

The process begins first by creating a model, site making is preplaned on a tablet computer. The plan is then exported to the computer terminal on the robot.
Next, we create a hairline and can design a pattern or a direction of hair flow. The ARTAS Hair studio allows the physician to preoperatively plan for the distribution of the recipient sides in the most appropriate and artistic hairlines. Preoperative planning avoid mistakes of under filling important areas and over filling less important areas with grafts.

Once the plan is loaded into the robot the patient is positioned as such, a fiducial system is loosely affixed to the patient’s scalp. The patient is mildly sedated and anesthetized with local anesthetic injections.

Finally, the robot creates the preplanned recipient sites designed by the robotic hair transplant surgeon.

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