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Facial rejuvenation results can be optimized by combining two or more effective laser modalities. With the new Laser 360 we combine three technologies within 3 treatments over 60 days. This one of the most popular treatments for patients looking to improve skin color, texture, tone and laxity.
The first technology will help to address skin discolorations. We use the photofacial to target melanin and hemoglobin within the skin. This allows us to effectively remove unwanted pigmentation and telangectasicas.
The second technology we use in the Laser 360 is the skin tightening modality. This device uses deep dermal heat to cause microscopic thermal injury that results in collagen remodeling. Skin tightening will improve the tone and laxity of the skin. Finally, the Laser 360 is completed with pixel laser resurfacing. Pixel will effectively smooth skin texture and replace photo damaged skin by gradually stimulating new cells. With Laser 360, skin is completely treated at every depth, therefore the results are better than any single modality. For more information about Laser 360 please contact the aesthetician at
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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