Mark A Bishara M.D. P.A. and the Paragon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa provide silicone and saline breast augmentation surgery for patients living in Dallas, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Arlington, Southlake, Highland Park and Burleson.


Upon arrival to the Paragon Plastic Surgery Center you will fill out basic information regarding your health status, take photographs, undergo our three-dimensional body scan and spend time face-to-face with Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. discussing the pros and cons to each procedure you may be a candidate for. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try on breast implants to gain a perspective on what size and type of implant would be best. Ultimately, leaving our facility with an individual treatment plan, pricing and the implant you want.


Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. maintains surgical attending privileges at Mansfield Medical Center and throughout the Methodist Hospital System, where his father is a Legacy in Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Most cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Mark A. Bishara, M.D. P.A. are held at the privately owned Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa surgery center in Mansfield, Texas. The location is 1101 Matlock Rd. in Mansfield Texas.
This facility established in 2014 is a State of The Art, World Class AAAHC Certified Surgery Center with two fully equipped and certified operating rooms. The family waiting area is equipped with linear fireplaces, Italian glass-blown chandeliers and plenty of relaxation space for love ones to wait during your procedure. All anesthesia providers are certified in their field.


In general, most women from ages 18 to 35 are interested in primary for augmentation. These women typically have small under-developed breasts.
Women who are ages 20 to 40 who have had several children may also experience involutional micromastia where the breast gland deflates overtime. These women may be interested in increasing the breast size and lifting in a procedure known as augmentation mastopexy.
Finally, there are patients who have had previous breast surgery before that may need a Revision Breast Surgery due to asymmetry, unevenness, rippling, capsular contraction or hardening of the implants. These patients are typically undergo removal of the breast implants in exchange for another larger implant or switching from sailing to silicone.
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