This state of the art machine has taken a very tedious and imprecise procedure and made it very efficient and exact. The ARTAS Robot Hair Transplant can generated about 500 follicular unit grafts per hour, translating to about 2,000 grafts per session.
Most importantly, the transection rate is about eight percent, so it is producing a very high quality harvest. Restoration Robotics has carried out several studies using the ARTAS Robot Hair Transplant, which show transection rates using the automated robotic device average eight percent as compared to 20-30 percent transection rates with manual FUE. Perhaps the greatest asset here is that all the complex and imprecise decisions made by the physician in regards to follicle angles, locations, etc. are now computed by complex computer algorithms, eliminating so much of the guess work in manual FUE.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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