Arm lifts, also knows as brachioplasty, have recently become one of the most popular varieties of plastic surgery, according to a report out from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
There were more than 15,000 arm lifts performed in 2012, up from only 300 in the year 2000. This is a 4,000% increase, making it the fastest growing type of plastic surgery.
The popularity of the arm lift procedure is due to more people losing excessive amounts of weight.  People who lose 100 pounds or more are left with extra skin that working out alone cannot get rid of.  These people often opt for arm lift surgery as a result from the extra skin.
Arm lifts help reduce excessive skin and fat between the underarm and elbow.  An arm lift will also help reshape your arm, which results in a more smoother and toned appearance.
Before and After Pictures of Arm Lift Procedure:

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