Noninvasive and doctor-administered, skin tighteners are machines that employ one of two types of energy, radiofrequency or infrared light, to tighten the skin by heating the dermis. This causes inflammation and a small injury, which makes existing collagen contract and new collagen to be produced.
Historically, plastic surgeons and dermatologists observed that ablative lasers tightened the skin. From there, a whole crop of nonablative skin-tightening machines hit the market. CO2 lasers were found to tighten the skin to some degree, but potential scarring, increased thermal damage and a prolonged healing period made them an undesirable option for the body.
Most modern-day devices are targeted strictly at tightening without damage to the outer layer of skin, with no downtime. Other current devices make small wounds in the skin, leaving the surrounding skin intact, with longer healing.
Keep in mind, not all lasers are tightening lasers. Some address acne, hair removal or hyperpigmentation; so if you’re undergoing one of these treatments, you shouldn’t expect tighter skin as an extra benefit.
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Many patients seek skin tightening treatments to combat the loose and sagging skin that givess an aged, tired or sickly appearance. Tightening loose skin using technological advancements can be an appropriate treatment for a number of reasons.

Tightening Loose and Sagging Skin

As we age our bodies produce collagen at a slower rate than when we’re young. Collagen makes up a large portion of the connective tissue in our skin and provides the framework that gives us a taut and youthful appearance. The loss of collagen allows skin to sag around our jaw line and cheeks. In many of these cases laser skin tightening can often help a person reclaim the taut-skinned, healthy appearance of their youth.

Weakened Elastin – and Aging Skin

Elastin is another important component of the skin’s biological framework. Elastin gives our skin its ability to stretch, expand and recoil to maintain a vibrant, tight look. As we lose elastin this ability diminishes. So sagging skin can appear in many different areas. Likewise, weight loss can bring about loose skin in areas that don’t recover well. Again, skin tightening treatments can be an effective solution in many of these cases.

Photoaging – and Loose Skin

Most already know that sun exposure is the skin’s natural enemy. UV rays can trigger pigmented lesions and a host of other problems and seem to speed up the aging process dramatically. The Alma Laser product line is poised to treat the effects of accumulated sun damage not only on the surface level but in the sub dermal layers where it counts.

Near infrared technology is used to penetrate deep heat to the deepest layers of tissue. This stimulates collagen production and tightens lax skin. Nearly any patient seeking fuller, tighter skin can benefit from laser skin tightening as a safe, noninvasive and effective procedure. The laser skin tightening procedure can be fully customized to help each patient receive the best possible results, depending on the skin condition, size and location of the targeted area and the strength of the laser exposure. Treatments should be performed once every two weeks for a total of 6, followed by quarterly maintenance.
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