What to expect after a Hair Transplant

Making the decision to get a Hair Transplant was a huge step. Now its done and now comes the waiting game for your new hair to grow in. As with any surgical procedure come post operative instructions. Here at the Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, Dr. Mark A. Bishara has made sure to have a list with step by step instructions to follow after your Hair Transplant surgery.

All done….

After your Hair transplantation you will be tired as you will be sitting all day and still have sedative in the your body (at least most patients). At the Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa we make sure we answer all questions about your Hair Transplantation surgery, as well as Dr. Mark A. Bishara. Patients are also advised to feel free to contact us here at the Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa with any questions after leaving the office.

What to do and what not to do..

1. DO NOT lean over to tie your shoes or pick-up objects for the first 48 hours, as this may provoke bleeding.
2. DO NOT drink any alcoholic beverages for 2 days following the transplant procedure, to avoid excessive bleeding. Also avoid the use of marijuana or other chemical substances not prescribed, for one week following surgery.
3. If bleeding occurs in the donor area, apply firm, steady pressure for 20-30 minutes.Repeat if necessary. If bleeding persists, locate the exact bleeding point and apply pressure directly to the area with an ice pack. If bleeding continues, contact us or your family physician. If you are out of town, go to the nearest emergency department. If he/she has any questions, they should call Dr. Bishara at 877-70- NEW LOOK any time day or night.
4. Take your medication for pain at the first signs of discomfort. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE PAIN. Take one tablet approximately 20 minutes before retiring for the evening. Take this medication with food.
5. Sleep with your head elevated on two or three pillows for 2 days. We have provided you with disposable pillowcases for use on your top pillow.
6. Crusts (scabs) will form over the transplant sites and solidify the first few days.These crusts will naturally fall off within 1week. DO NOT pick at these crusts at anytime.
7. You may develop some post-operative edema (swelling) of the forehead and eyes for up to 2-3 days post-op. Ice packs can be applied to the forehead area. Do not apply ice to the grafts. This is not serious and resolves itself spontaneously. We have applied tape across your forehead to reduce swelling. If in the unlikely event you have fever, redness or pain call the doctor immediately.