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Scarring from acne in  Dallas Ft Worth is a very challenging skin condition to treat. Acne scars occur during the healing of an active acne lesion. Skin is damaged as a result of compromised collagen production leaving topographic depressions.
There are also perpendicular bundles of collagen that anchor the skin of the scars. Treatment modalities capable of affecting dermal remodeling at least 1mm below skin surface are necessary to effectively treat acne scars.
Traditionally acne scar treatments include chemical peels, surgical excision, punch grafting, dermabrasion and dermal fillers. Each of these methods has varying success.
At The Paragon Med Spa in Mansfield, Texas we are exploring new and different approaches in treating acne scarring. We have seen great results when modalities are combined.
One combination that has been particularly effective at The Paragon Med Spa is Pixel laser resurfacing paired with chemical peels. Laser resurfacing is very good for stimulating new collagen production and will improve the texture of the scar. Chemical peels such as phenol and TCA can penetrate to the appropriate depth of 1mm, causing dermal remodeling at the base of the scar.
Combining modalities will always increase the efficacy of the results when compared to stand alone treatments.
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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