The desire of youth and beauty in this day and age is no new phenomenon. Plastic surgery is used every day to create something unnatural and wanting it to look natural.  Form over function is the question. Tom Ford states that over the years we have lost touch with what a real breast actually looks like due to so many females participating in breast augmentation.
He also mentions that the amount of adult women having breast implants makes younger girls feel the need to get them as well to address insecurities, but what do they gain from it? He points out that we are becoming our own art.  We are searching for perfection and becoming too inhuman in the process. He also touches on men and plastic surgery and points out how it is not as easy for men to undergo plastic surgery and look natural.  So does this mean woman are more willing to transition to a postman form or is it just easier for them? Will men follow the same path as women eventually?
Mark A Bishara, M.D., P.A. Medical Director
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