Video- Advantages of Follicular Unit Extraction techniques
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Strip harvesting and FUE are both acceptable techniques for harvesting donor grafts. Each technique of course has its pros and cons like any other treatment.
If you are looking at the two treatments from a cost perspective. The strip method is more cost friendly and you get excellent results.
If you are considering the scar issue. FUE is the better option. While the linear scar that comes with the strip procedure can be made very minimal the FUE still prevails with offering almost a scar free procedure.
FUE has a few other advantages such as 1) if you want to wear your hair short in the back and not have to worry about a scar, 2) or if you want to take hair form other hair barring areas such as the arm or leg. Moreover, the strip methods comes with its advantages as well. Some surgeons believe that handling the grafts from FUE damages the follicle and the strip method is more robust and prevents this. Either way you should have a fantastic result from hair transplant, it is just deciding which method is right for you.
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