If you’re considering laser hair removal, consider this: It’s not always a sure thing.  The results can be great, but if you’re treated with the wrong laser or if it’s on the wrong setting, you won’t get the maximum hair reduction (there’s no such thing as total removal).  Wherever you go—a derm, a med spa—be sure to ask questions before.
What patients should know
  • These procedures may be offered in informal settings such as shopping malls, spas and walk-in clinics, but it’s important for patients to choose an experienced health care provider. Treatments should be performed by or under the direct supervision of a dermatologist or other physician who has appropriate training and expertise.
  • In general, 6 or more treatments are required to achieve permanent hair growth reduction.
  • Darker hair responds best to laser hair removal.
  • Lighter-colored hair is least responsive, but topical medications can be used in an effort to increase effectiveness.
  • Patients seeking laser hair removal are advised to avoid tanning or sunless tanners and to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen for up to six weeks prior to treatment.

Expected results

  • The percentage of hairs removed per session varies by location on the body, with thinner-skinned areas (e.g., armpits and bikini area) generally responding better than thick-skinned areas (e.g., back and chin).
  • About 10 percent to 25 percent reduction in hair growth can be expected with each treatment.
  • Treatments are repeated every four to eight weeks.
  • The hair that regrows following treatment tends to be lighter and finer in texture.
  • Patients are instructed to avoid sun exposure and to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher following the procedure.

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