Many of us have jokingly made the comment, “if only I could transfer this fat to another part of my body.” Well, you can! Many plastic surgeons like Dr. Mark A. Bishara have performed many liposuction with fat transfer procedures. The procedure is safe and provides natural looking results.

Who should consider a fat transfer?

According to, people who consider getting a fat transfer are patients who have facial areas that appear creased or sunken, people that want more permanent correction than what fillers provide, and people that would like to do body contouring and breast reconstruction. The most popular fat transfer procedure performed is the buttock augmentation because more and more people want to have a rounder and fuller buttock.

How to know if you are a good candidate

The first step for this procedure would be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark A. Bishara. During your consultation, you and Dr. Bishara will talk about what your goals are and he will evaluate and provide you with different options. Paragon Plastic Surgery & Med Spa will use different machines, such as the Vectra, which is a 3D imaging device that helps give you an understanding as to what your results will look like after the procedure.

How its done…

The fat being transferred is taken from areas such as the outer thighs, abdomen and flanks. Once marking the area, the fat will be taken from the area on your body using a cannula. Once the fat has been extracted, it goes through the purification process where the fat cells are transferred into small syringes. The next step will be the preparation of the area where the fat will be transferred. Using a needle or a cannula, Dr. Mark A. Bishara will then begin inserting the fatty tissues. The same process is repeated until the desired shape has been achieved.

After the procedure

After the procedure, swelling and bruising are common during the first week. On week 2, you will still have some swelling but bruising should start going away. Following the third week, you will notice that everything will start look normal. Instructions about drains and other symptoms will be reviewed with you after the procedure and written instructions will be provided as well. Following recovery, you may notice tiny scars that will fade with time but sometimes they are not visible.


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Banking your fat and adult stem cells at BioLife Cell Bank is Easy through Bishara Cosmetic Surgery. Simply undergo your liposuction by  a surgeon accredited with BioLife. Instead of having your liposuction body fat being disposed of as medical waste, BioLife Cell Bank gives you the opportunity to store it indefinitely and use it multiple times throughout your life, along with the adult stem and regenerative cells it contains. Scientist around the world have discovered that adipose (fat) tissue is a great source for adult stem and regenerative cells. Adults stem cells are undifferentiated, non-embryonic prototype cells that can mature and take on the identity of other body cells like fat, bone, tendon, nerve, muscle, cartilage, and more. These remarkable, regenerative cells are up to 500 times more abundant in your own body fat than in bone marrow or blood, according to Ray Zale, Chief Operating Officer for BioLIfe Cell Bank. Breakthrough technology and techniques have been designed that enable BioLife Cell Bank to safely process and then cryogenically store undamaged adipose tissue with its adult stem cells intact, for future use. This isn’t some far-fetched concept. Adult stem cell therapy is real, and it is safely and effectively used today, including use in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. If you are using your own banked fat for fat grafting versus having a fresh batch removed via liposuction, you can save money over time instead of relying on man-made injectable fillers. Man-made fillers last about 6 months or so and require repeated, regular injections for aesthetic maintenance. For a long time people have wanted body enhancing procedures like breast augmentation that didn’t require the placement of implants. With adult stem cell therapy boosting the potential of transferred fat, it makes it much more viable to use your own body fat to augment breasts, create shapely contours to the buttocks, and more. This gives you a natural alternative to implants that comes directly from you instead of man-made, synthetic, foreign material like silicon. Fat transfer also offers the benefits of minimal incisions and therefore minimal scars, less trauma, and faster recovery, compared to the placement of implants. There is a real advantage to being able to store fat and stem cells, and have them readily accessible for later use for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. When is the best time to harvest and store adipose tissue and adult stem cells? Experts agree the sooner the betters.
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BioLife Cell Bank in Dallas is the first fat bank in the U.S. !!
They have renewed excitement about fat as a cosmetic filler by offering patients a place to store their fat for later use.
Dr. Bishara has partnered with BioLife so that patients may bank their fat from liposuction and later inject it into the face to fill wrinkles. Fat can be stored for at least 20 years and for those who don’t need liposuction, but want to store fat Todd Malan says, “We can easily remove 10 to 12 ounces, about the size of a soda can, from your buttocks or thighs, and you’ll have enough face filler stored for the rest of your life.” While fat removal solely for storage is not yet suggested, it may be the advice in the future due to potency of stem cells decreasing with age.
The fat is removed in an hour long procedure costing around $2,500. The fat is shipped to the bank and assigned a barcode-like identifier. When you’re ready to re-inject the fat Dr Bishara will contact the bank and the bank then ships the ready syringes to your doctors office at approximately $2,500. If this sounds pricey please note that if you inject in 5 years the cost is roughly the same as what you would pay for twice yearly fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. Reinjecting fat versus temporary synthetic fillers into the patient produces a more desirable and long lasting effect.
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