Freezing fat off has never sounded so exciting, or better yet no one ever thought it would ever exist! Well let me tell you, it does. Cool sculpting is the new treatment where you can freeze your fat off. It is FDA cleared and the best part is that its not a surgical treatment. Cool sculpting gets rid of that stubborn fat we all hate! Here comes the best part of all……… Its coming to The Paragon Plastic Surgery and Med Spa!!!!!!!

What to expect before/during treatment:

Depending on the number of areas to be treated, treatment can take between 1-2 hours, we advice you do not use any lotions or creams in the area to be treated. During treatment you may experience mild pinching with the vacuum applicator cup,also may feel pulling, cold, tingling, and mild cramping as the area becomes numb during treatment which subside within 5 minutes.

What to expect after treatment:

Immediately after the procedure, the treated area may feel stiff or look firm, this is normal and will resolve. After the applicator is removed, the treated area may be reddened for approximately 20 minutes. Bruising, tingling or tenderness to the touch can be cause from the vacuum cup, which typically resolves within a few weeks. You may continue to feel a temporary of numbness or dulling of sensation in the treated area for a few days and possible few weeks after your procedure which is normal. Another common sensation is cramping, typically resolving in a few days to a few weeks.  Immediately following your procedure you may resume normal activities, maintaining a normal exercise program and a healthy diet for optimal results.



We have Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD to thank for a study done decades ago who observed children that consumed a lot of popsicles were freezing and removing fat cells within their cheeks creating dimples. Today that same technology has been recreated by Zeltiq the makers of Coolsculpting. We’ve all heard the name, whether on TV, radio or on magazines. But what exactly is Coolsculpting?
Cool sculpting is the ONLY FDA cleared, non invasive, fat eliminating procedure. This means no cutting, no needles, and no down time. The best part, it removes fat cells permanently.
So how does this work and am I candidate? Let’s start who this is not for…
This is not for someone who is looking at this as removing 5 lbs of fat in one session. Or a cure for poor dieting or lack of exercise, rather this is for people who can’t get rid of that stubborn belly fat that diet and exercise fail to reduce. The love handles that crunches won’t cure and the annoying fat on the back of the arms a million push ups just won’t fix. You and your consultant will discuss areas of concern, about the treatment, cost, and number of treatments needed for your desired results. Practitioners note that most patients have 20%-25% percent reduction of fat cells in the treated area after ONE treatment.
Areas of interest from potential patients include the chin, upper and lower abdomen, flanks (sides), love handles, inner and outer thighs and thanks to popsicles in that earlier study we know that fat cells have been proven to not survive extreme cold temperatures.
Treatment time is approximately one hour, you will rest comfortably while a technician drapes a cool membrane barrier against the treatment area. This protects the skin from the coldness. The device is placed over the membrane and the device will pull the area of concern in by a vacuum mechanism. This should pose little discomfort and numbing to be in full effect after approximately 10 mins. Once the device is pulled away from the treated area the skin will have taken on a form, almost like a stick of butter. This is what you should expect! The technician will then massage the area until flat again.
Recovery after CoolSculpting is truly a no downtime process. The treated area will be numb and you may experience a little swelling or discomfort, nothing an Ibuprofen cant handle. However you may resume your day to day activities immediately.
So what happens to those fat cells? Where do they go? The expired fat cells will naturally be metabolized and expelled from the body. Result are seen as in little as 3 weeks, but best by month 2 and 3.
How much is this going to cost me? The price for CoolSculpting varies on a few factors, areas of concern, how many treatments you may need and what is your end goal. With that said, most treatments start at $600 a session.
What is the difference between fat reduction and weight loss?
Fat reduction is permanently reducing the number of fat cells within a given area. Those cells will never come back. Weight loss allows the fat cells to reduce in size however, does not eliminate them permanently from the body.
The traditional method is Liposuction and is a preferred method for those seeking larger amounts of reduction in one session. However, will be performed by a surgeon, under anesthesia with some recovery time. CoolSculpting offers us the same technology for treating a smaller area over one or several sessions. Speaking to your plastic surgeon is the best way to find out which procedure might be better suited for you.
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