1. Is there a difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery? plastic surgeons may specialize in one of these areas or both, but all plastic surgeons have the appropriate training to complete cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is focused upon improving a physical deformity following an accident or illness. Cosmetic surgery is entirely elective by those who want to enhance certain physical traits.
2. Who should get plastic surgery? The best plastic surgery patients are those who are choosing to make physical changes for themselves, not for anyone else. They are also those who have done extensive research about the procedure they’re considering and understand the realistic expectations that they should have.
3. How long does it take to recuperate from plastic surgery? Recovery times vary per procedure. Most plastic surgeons will tell any patient that it takes up to three weeks to recover from most procedures and as little as four days for minor plastic surgery. After a couple of days, patients should be able to care for their basic needs independently, although help may be required to care for children.
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