For those looking to improve their breast shape and/or size, breast augmentation is an option to explore. But through exploration, many women come across the same questions and concerns, leaving them to wonder what they should and shouldn’t believe. What are the most common myths regarding breast implants:
1) Saline is safer than silicone.
False. Saline implants were largely used because silicone implants were thought to cause medical problems. In scientific studies and in real life, silicone implants perform equal to or better than saline implants, which are filled with salt water. They produce more of a natural feeling. However saline implants require less surveillance and don’t necessitate MRIs.
2) Under the muscle is more natural looking than over the muscle.
False. The practice of placing breast implants under the pectoralis major muscle depends on individual breast anatomy and the type of breast implants selected. Some patients get better, more natural-looking results with the breast implants under the pectoralis major muscle, while others over the muscle. It really depends on your unique anatomy.
3) You cannot breast feed after you have had a breast augmentation.
False. When a breast augmentation is done via an incision through the inframammary fold, armpit or belly button, there is not usually a problem with breast-feeding.
4) Natural breast augmentation with fat is better than breast implants.
False. Taking a person’s own fat with liposuction and adding it to the breasts may create future problems because some of the fat transferred will perish within a year. It’s a new technology, and there is no regulatory approval in the U.S., so the technique is not yet standardized. So at this point, the procedure is very controversial, and there is concern about the long-term safety and efficacy.
5) You need breast implants for a breast lift.
False. Breast implants are not a treatment for breast sagginess. Only a breast lift (mastopexy) corrects sagginess.

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